Killers Confess Anti-Semitic Motives

New details have emerged regarding the killing of 19-year-old Dvir Sorek in Israel in August, and they confirm the killers’ suspected motives with brutal transparency. reports that the murderers, Nassir and Qassam Issafara, were targeting a “settler,” a nationalistic response to what they considered Israeli occupation of Palestinian land. Qassam said, “We looked for a certain description, like a settler’s hat [a skullcap] and side-locks.” Nassir, who detailed his knife attack on Dvir, had owned the eight-inch murder weapon for two years, practicing with it “alone at home, [then] with Qassam in the wadi.” The men originally intended to shock their victim with a taser before dragging him in their car to kill and dispose of him secretly. When the taser failed to activate, Nassir pushed Dvir to the ground and stabbed him repeatedly until he died. Thanks to the quick work of the elite Israel Defense Forces, the murderers were caught just two days later, and they have since been indicted for their crimes.

It’s unsurprising yet still demoralizing that rabid anti-Semitism was the sole cause of this murder. We’ve seen acts of violence justified by claims of “Israeli occupation” before. You might think this would expose such anti-Semites, yet the narrative that Israel is a racist, controlling state only grows more popular in mainstream media. False accusations of Israeli brutality and prejudicial savagery damage the country’s reputation daily while real, racially-motivated attacks like this one become more commonplace. These murderers will be punished, but Dvir’s life has been lost, his family is forever shattered, and the Jewish people must feel that they have to sleep with one eye open now more than ever. Please continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem as anti-Semitism continues to spur violence and become more normalized.

(Source: World Israel News)