Kinneret Rising

The water level of the Sea of Galilee continues to rise to levels that the Israel Water Authority hasn’t seen since 2004. This year, Israel is seeing up to 150% more rain than expected for this time of year, with more rain to come. Also, Mount Hermon, which supplies water to the Sea of Galillee, saw heavy snowfall this winter which will only add more water later this spring and summer.  

In 2018, the Times of Israel reported, “Israel’s Water Authority warned that the Sea of Galilee was drying up as a result of low rainfall, and warned that it was approaching the “black line.” Well, two years later and Israel’s Water Authority is mulling over opening the floodgate of Degania Dam to release water into the Jordan River. Rain in Israel is associated with God’s blessing.  I believe this is the news we need right now…God’s blessing raining down.

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