Kosher in Dubai

For observant Jews who travel, finding a kosher restaurant can be challenging. In Dubai’s tallest building, on the ground floor of the luxury Armani Hotel, the UAE’s first-ever certified Kosher restaurant has opened to serve those hotel guests “who would like to enjoy the restaurant’s kosher cuisine without leaving their rooms, as well as offer delivery service throughout Dubai.”

The restaurant is certified glatt kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Levi Duchman, the Chabad rabbi for the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“Earlier this month local authorities in Abu Dhabi instructed all hotels in the city to prepare kosher food options, expecting Israeli tourists following the signing of the peace deal.” The American Orthodox Union Kosher will be the leading certification agency in the United Arab Emirates, because they handled “the kosher food during a visit to the UAE by an Israeli and United States delegation.” The Orthodox Union Kosher is the world’s largest kosher certification body.

The Jewish community in the UAE will also benefit from this, as there an estimated 1,500 Jewish residents currently living in the UAE and there are three synagogues in the country, two orthodox and one egalitarian.

(Source: The Times of Israel)