Kushner Middle East Meeting

White House senior advisor Jared Kushner will be headed to the Middle East this month to inform diplomats in Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar on the economic section of the U.S. proposal for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The talks will focus around the proposal for Palestinians that includes major infrastructure and industrial work particularly in Gaza.

Personally, I am one who’s always happy to see peace negotiations at work. It’s better to talk than not talk at all. However, I’m also a little weary, and I’m sure the Trump Administration is aware of this, but Palestinian leadership has a way of taking the economic good, and the infrastructure plans, especially in Gaza, and using them actually to harm Israel, instead of helping the people that they’re supposed to help, those Palestinians that are in plight. There are good Palestinians who are facing very difficult situations. A lot of it’s not their fault, it’s the leadership’s fault who keeps them in this perpetual state. We need to be praying for them. We need to be praying for our friends in Israel. We need to be praying for peace of Jerusalem.