Largest Banks in Israel and Dubai Unite

Israel’s largest bank, Hapoalim, announced that it had signed a banking and finance memorandum of understanding with the largest bank in Dubai, just prior to the official establishment of diplomacy that took place in Washington, DC earlier this month. The memorandum of understanding paves a new path for economic and business development between the two countries.

Two years ago I had the great privilege to go to Jerusalem for the Christian Media Summit. I heard from some great people, including Benjamin Netanyahu and Ambassador Friedman. It was a great opportunity to be a part of the group there.  One of the experiences we had was visiting President Reuven Rivlin’s home where we heard from some Israeli experts.

I remember one particular expert saying that if Israel can make peace with their Arab neighbors, that it would be a game changer for the Middle East, because it would open up an economic tidal wave for the global economy. They are prepped and ready to go. They’ve got energy, they’ve got technology, they’ve got the resources and know how to compete on a global economic level. So I think this is a big move, a great move. And let’s continue to pray for stability and peace for Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, and the Jewish people.

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