Life Under Shutdown

Israel’s citizens are reeling from the effects of the coronavirus and the accompanying shutdown of the majority of the country’s businesses and operations. Many countries face similar difficulties, but in a nation as densely populated as Israel, recovery is especially tough. 

On a large scale, the workforce and the economy are facing catastrophic consequences. Israel’s social security estimates 400,000 people will be newly unemployed by the end of March, and the total number of unemployed Israelis could soon be between 500,000 and 1.2 million among the nation’s population of just 9 million people, reports. The country could lose more than $500 million from these changes. While the unemployment rate sat at 3.6 percent at the end of last year, it has skyrocketed to 16.5 percent, according to Times of Israel.

Meanwhile, many women shut-in at home are facing a different kind of danger: domestic abuse. Israel’s shelters for victims of domestic violence are nearly fully occupied, as there has been a sharp rise in complaints of violence as households have spent increased time together in confined spaces. Women who were already staying in the shelters before the outbreak of the virus have remained in quarantine at the shelters as a precaution, leaving approximately 95% of shelter space occupied, Times of Israel noted.

Israel needs our prayer. Particularly, these women facing domestic violence, the staff at these shelters, Israel’s healthcare workers, and all who have just lost their jobs or are on the verge of seeing their jobs shut down need our prayers now. People from every nation are struggling to adjust to a pandemic-affected world, and we know that only God’s mercy and provision will keep the world safe. Even if you have adapted to the changes well, keep lifting up those less fortunate in prayer, especially now, as we hope the world will look to the God of the universe in this hour of need.