Magen Am Protects Jewish Establishments During Riots

Magen Am, which is Hebrew for “Our Nation’s Shield”, is a privately funded Jewish security agency that provides training and protection for synagogues and Jewish organizations. The riots in Los Angeles in response to George Floyd’s death produced a lot of destruction and looting. Magen Am worked alongside the LA Police Department and National Guard to ensure potential targets like synagogues and Jewish establishments were protected during the riots.

What does a synagogue or a Jewish establishment or Jewish stores have to do with the rioting that’s happening in LA or even cities all around the country? Well, a lot of these riots and protests can often lead to a rise in antisemitism, which is the hatred of the Jewish people. For instance, just a few days ago, a flyer was released online that said, “Ending white privilege intersects with ending Jewish privilege.” That’s antisemitism. The security Magen Am provides is needed in these days of uncertainty, especially with the rise of antisemitism in the United States. So thank you to Magen Am for protecting our nation’s Jewish community. And church, may we pray and may we stand up with our Jewish friends during this time.

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