March 29, 2018

IDF to place West Bank, Gaza under general closure during Passover

The IDF will impose a general closure on the West Bank, and close the crossings between Israel and Gaza during the holiday of Passover which begins Friday at sundown (3/30).

The closures will be imposed on Thursday night (3/29) until Saturday, April 7 at midnight.

During the closures, passage will be permitted for humanitarian, medical and exceptional cases only.



Al Aqsa Imam announces mass protest on Friday in east Jerusalem

Al-Aqsa Imam and Supreme Muslim Council head Sheikh Ekrima Sabri announced Tuesday (27th) that large demonstrations will be held this Friday (30th) in all of east Jerusalem to protest the decision of the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court to allow Orthodox Jews to perform Talmudic ceremonies near the gates of the mosque.

“We will not recognize the court’s decision as it has no right to discuss this matter,” Sabri said, adding the decision “harms and provokes Muslim worshipers, especially since Friday (30th) is both prayer and Land Day.



IDF thwarts third Palestinian infiltration from Gaza in 5 days

The IDF captured a Palestinian who crossed the border from northern Gaza into Israeli territory Wednesday (28th).  The man who was unarmed managed to get through the security fence near the community of Zikim, but was arrested on the nearby beach mere minutes later, according to army sources.

This was the third infiltration in five days.



The Palestinian way of war: Preparing for the “March of Return” in Gaza – Hillel Frisch

The latest Palestinian idea to achieve international media attention is to hold a massive procession of 100,000 Gazans to storm the Israeli security fence around Gaza.  The immediate objective is less to kill Israelis than to get Gazans killed, creating the graphics and funerals that will delegitimize Israel. Hamas hopes this will lead to a wide-scale intifada and self-initiated suicide terrorist acts in the West Bank and among Israel’s Arab citizens.

The Israeli army will do everything to thwart the protesters in ways that avoid bloodshed.  The Palestinian organizations, from the PLO and PA downward, want the shedding of blood.



IDF Chief: We’ll use all the means necessary to prevent Gaza border breach

The Israel Defense Forces will not hesitate to use all means at its disposal to prevent a breach of the Israel-Gaza Strip border during the Hamas-orchestrated march planned for Friday (30th), IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen Gadi Eizenkot told Israeli media.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians are expected to take part in Friday’s (30th) so-called “March of Return,”

 Hamas urged Palestinians in the West Bank to clash with israeli security forces and settlers in solidarity.



Eizenkot says Israel deployed 100 sharpshooters on Gaza border for Palestinian protests

The IDF has deployed more than 100 sharpshooters on the Gaza border ahead of a planned mass Palestinian demonstration near the frontier, Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot told Israeli media in a special interview, published this week.

Organizers hope thousands in Gaza will answer the call to flock, starting on Friday (30th), to tent cities in five locations along the sensitive border in a six-week protest for “right of return” to what is Israel.

Eizenkot said that the sharpshooters have permission, if lives are threatened to open fire.



In IDF video, IDF urges Gazans to buck against Hamas exploitation

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit on Tuesday (27th) posted two videos on its official Facebook page in Arabic in an effort to dissuade the residents of the Gaza Strip from participating in a mass march on the Israel-Gaza border on Friday (30th).

The one video said to the people of Gaza “Don’t you understand that terrorist elements are using you in a cynical manner?  These events and activities do not and will not help, and they are pointless. Demand your rights from those who continue to oppress you rather than care about your problems.  They take what you deserve and your money for the purpose of useless tunnels. The choice is in your hands.”



Palestinian Authority touts its gender equality for letting women be terrorists

Not wanting to miss out on the gender equality movement that’s all the rage in most of the Western world these days. The Palestinian Authority has been talking up the prominent role of women in its society.

For instance most Palestinian leaders have absolutely no problem with women joining men as equals in the merciless slaughter of Israeli Jews as terrorists.

In fact the most deadly Palestinian terror attack on Israelis was led by a women in 1978 when Dalal Mughrabi in the Coastal Massacre killed 37 civilians including 12 children.

On International Women’s Day earlier this month, the Palestinian Authority high-lighted Mughrabi as evidence of gender equality in Palestinian society.



Safari animals munch on matzah as Passover nears

Jews throughout Israel and the Diaspora are not the only ones getting ready for the Passover holiday, which begins Friday (30th).

At the Ramat Gan Safari Park near Tel Aviv, apes, elephants, lemurs and other residents are already enjoying the flat unleavened bread – matzah – which is eaten instead of bread during the 8-day festival.

Religious law mandates that leavened food should not be consumed, during the celebration which starts Friday evening (30th) – hence the practice of giving animals matzah rather than bread.



Macron ‘appalled’ by Holocaust victim’s murder in Paris, vows to fight anti-Semitism

French President Emmanuel Macron condemned the suspected murder of a Holocaust survivor in Paris, which he called “appalling” before vowing to fight anti-Semitism.

Macron made the comment on Twitter Tuesday (27th) about the March 23 slaying of Mirelle Knoll, 85, whose torched body was found with 11 stab wounds inside her apartment.

“I am deeply affected by the appalling crime committed against Mrs. Knoll.  I reaffirm my resolute determination to fight against anti-Semitism,” Macron wrote.