May 2, 2018

Minister Katz lauds ‘one of the greatest intelligence operations in Israel’s history’

On Tuesday (1st), a day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released information collected by the Mossad on Iran’s nuclear weapons program, Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz said, “When the idea of the operation was first presented, I didn’t think it was feasible – what they did here was unprecedented.  They took tons of authentic documents and brought them here.”

According to Katz, the information provides Israel with an advantage in the international arena against Iran.

“From an operational aspect, this is amazing, and all credit goes to the Mossad people.  This is one of the greatest intelligence operations in the State of Israel’s history.”



Israel exposes Iran’s nuclear lies, and the limits of U.S. Intelligence – Eli Lake

The trove of data revealed by Israel on Iran’s nuclear program is a blow not only to Iran’s credibility but also to the reputation of American Intelligence gathering.  In 2015, Secretary of State John Kerry said that American intelligence agencies had “absolute knowledge” about Iran’s past efforts to build a nuclear weapon. The new Israeli intelligence shows there are many details the U.S. didn’t know.



Israel to send experts to Germany and France to share Iran intelligence

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday (4/30) he had spoken with the leaders of France and Germany, and that Israel would be sending experts to share its intelligence on Iranian nuclear efforts.

Netanyahu’s office said on Twitter that Israel “will send in the coming days professional teams that will share with Germany and France the detailed material obtained on Iran’s efforts to obtain a nuclear weapon.”

Netanyahu also spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin about Israel’s intelligence documents, it said.



Trump’s Threat to Ax Iran Deal is Scaring off Oil Traders – Anthony Dipaola

Some oil traders are unwilling to sign contracts for Iranian crude and refined products that would be valid after May 12, the deadline for President Trump to decide whether to ditch the nuclear deal.  U.S. curbs would squeeze Iran’s oil exports this year by as much as 500,000 barrels a day, according to consultant FGE and trader Gunvor Group Ltd. Iran’s current exports are more than twice what they were before energy sanctions were eased in January 2016.  China buys a third of Iran’s crude exports.



3,500 Palestinians flee Assad attack on Syria’s Yarmouk Camp

3,500 Palestinians have fled the Yarmouk Camp since the Syrian government escalated its military operations in southern Damascus on April 19.  At least 3,729 Palestinians have died in the Syrian conflict, while another 309 are missing and 1,674 are imprisoned, the UK-based Action Group for Palestinians for Syria reported.



Gaza “Fence Cutter Unit” vows to breach the border

Gaza’s Al Aqsa TV broadcast footage of masked Palestinians from the “Fence Cutter’s Unit” holding wire cutters.  Their leader said, “We shall enter our occupied lands and ignite a revolution against the Zionist enemy in order to proclaim, loud and clear, that this enemy is destined for perdition….Let our blood be shed.”



3 Palestinians charged with planning attack for Hamas

Prosecutors on Tuesday (1st) charged three Palestinian residents of Eastern Jerusalem with planning to carry out an attack against Israelis on behalf of the Hamas terror group.

According to the indictment filed at the Jerusalem District Court, Naseem Hamada, Izz al-Din Atun and Obeida Amira were “terrorist operatives” known to Israeli security services.

The three, all from Eastern Jerusalem’s Sur Baher neighborhood, were charged with contact with a foreign agent, membership in a terrorist organization and conspiring to carry out a terror attack.

The three were taking orders from Hamas operatives in the Gaza Strip.



Attempted bombing at IDF court

Two Arab terrorists were arrested in Samaria Tuesday afternoon (1st) while the pair were on their way to carry out a bombing attack on an Israel military court in the area.

The two suspects arrived at an IDF court in the Salim district, carrying three concealed pipe bombs and a gas tank.

Border Police officers stationed outside of the court spotted the two suspects and apprehended them before they could carry out their attack.

A bomb demolition squad was called to neutralize the explosives.  No injuries were reported.



Bill defining Israel as ‘Jewish nation-state’ passes first reading in Knesset

The Knesset on Monday (4/30) approved a bill titled “Israel as the Nation State of the Jewish People” in its first reading, with 64 Members of Knesset (MK) supporting the proposal and 50 lawmakers voting against it.

The bill, which was drafted by MK Avi Dichter and other lawmakers, will now be transferred to a special committee for preparations for its second and third readings.



Tanzania announces plan to open embassy in Israel for first time

Tanzania wll open an embassy in Israel for the first time next week.  The grand opening of the embassy in Ramat Gan will be held on May 8 and will be attended by Tanzania’s Foreign Minister Augustine Mahiga.

The opening of the new embassy follows Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official trip to Africa in 2017 and an official visit by Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked to Tanzania last month.