Nearly 300,000 March for Israel

An estimated 290,000 people attended the March for Israel in Washington, DC, on Tuesday (14th), standing in solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people. Another 250,000 supporters watched the march, the largest pro-Israel rally in U.S. history, on livestream and C-SPAN. 

“Today’s crowd brings together every sector of American life,” said Eric Fingerhut, president and CEO of the Jewish Federations of North America. “People of all faiths and creeds, of all races and backgrounds, to say together with unity and strength, ‘We support Israel’s fight to rid itself of the terror threat and restore safety and security to its people,’” Fingerhut said.

Speaking to the crowd by video from the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israeli President Isaac Herzog declared, “No one will break us. We will rise again. . . . There is no greater and just cause than this.”

What a heartwarming sight to see so many Americans stand together to demonstrate love and support for Israel! A number of our Friends of Israel brothers and sisters attended the rally to demonstrate their personal support and our ministry’s unwavering stand with Israel and God’s Chosen People, who are facing atrocities no one should ever have to face in yet another instance of devastation in Jewish history. This march represents unmistakable proof that, though many Americans have been misled and continue to side with the terrorists, there are hundreds of thousands who love Israel and seek its prosperity. We pray American policy will continue to pursue Israel’s good as the Jewish nation seeks to overcome its bloodthirsty enemies.