Netanyahu Approves Basic Plan for Reopening Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved a basic plan to ease restrictions on economic activity and “stay home” orders, potentially allowing some businesses to open as soon as next week. Netanyahu’s office released a statement describing the plan as “responsible, cautious and gradual”, and said it would allow for a limited opening of businesses. This plan must still be approved by the full cabinet.

I recently spoke with some of our pastors in Israel who are diligently working to shepherd their congregations despite the strict “stay at home” orders. It’s really an oxymoron to tell an Israeli to stay home. They are very, very social people and they love being with one another, connecting with one another. And this certainly goes for our pastors who are so used to ministering and connecting with their people. But this is really good news from Prime Minister Netanyahu. It seems like Israel is beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully, these responsible steps will help bring Israel back to life.

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