Netanyahu Foresaw Afghanistan Takeover

Former Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, wrote on Facebook that he rejected an offer from the then U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, to visit Afghanistan in 2013. Kerry wanted Netanyahu to see how the United States established a local Afghani military force that could stand up to terror on its own, a model Kerry believed could help with the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the West Bank. Netanyahu said he politely declined and thought even then that Afghanistan would fall apart once the US left.

Even in 2013, Netanyahu had the foresight to know that the moment the US pulled out of Afghanistan, it would fall apart, which we’re seeing happen very rapidly recently as the US pulled out of Kabul. Imagine for a moment, Netanyahu did listen to Kerry. Imagine Netanyahu left it to the Palestinians in the West Bank to police terrorism on their own without any Israeli oversight at all. I can tell you this much, cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, which are very, very close to the West Bank border, would be under constant attack. And as a fresh reminder, Israel must protect itself or else it could end up like Afghanistan.

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