Netanyahu Set to Announce New Government Formation

Prime Minister-Designate Benjamin Netanyahu plans to announce he has successfully formed a coalition government ahead of Wednesday’s midnight deadline. Netanyahu has been working toward this end since early November when he was elected to return to the premiership and form Israel’s next government.

The previous administration, headed by Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid, was cobbled together with uneasy alliances across Israel’s political spectrum, some of which had little in common besides the desire to unseat Netanyahu. They achieved that goal, but after just a year, Israel’s parliament dissolved itself again, sending Israelis back to the polls for the fifth election in three years. It resulted in Netanyahu being handed the mandate to form the next government. He has struggled to do so, as he has already been given an extension past the initial deadline; but he now appears to have finished the job. 

Israel is hungry for stability. The nation, particularly its polarized political parties, have often had trouble working together. This has resulted in frustration for citizens who are tired of voting, only to find themselves being called to vote again months later and suffering through political instability. Though Netanyahu is as hated by some as he is loved by others, Israel may greatly benefit from having a leader who is more than comfortable in the political arena and has had success guiding Israel as prime minister in the past. He also brings a strong commitment to upholding the nation’s Jewish identity, a widely shared desire among Israelis. And that always bodes well for God’s Chosen People living in Israel, the apple of His eye.