New Law Strips Citizenship From Terrorists

In late January, a bill that would revoke the Israeli citizenship or residency of convicted terrorists and their families receiving financial support from the Palestinian Authority (PA) for acts of terror passed its first reading in the Knesset. Today, that bill became law, as it passed on its final reading by a 94-10 vote. This bill strikes against the “pay-for-slay” practice that the PA uses to incentivize the murder of Israelis.

The bipartisan support for punishing terrorists is a good sign for Israel’s government and its relationship with its opposition. Lawmakers probably felt greater urgency to pass the bill in the wake of five acts of terrorism in the past three weeks that left 11 dead. But most importantly, it’s another step in the battle against PA-funded terrorism that has brought so much death to Israel. Now that this bill is law, Israel aims to make terrorists feel much more apprehension before they consider carrying out a murder plot than ever before.