New Teammates

Like music, sports can bring unity. This happened recently in Israel when Afghani Cycling champion Fariba Hashimi was recruited by Israeli-Canadian philanthropist Sylvan Adams, who owns Premier Tech Roland. Fariba and her sister Yulduz will compete next year, with Fariba having the possibility of competing in the Tour De France. Of this opportunity she said, “I can’t lie-it’s so exciting but it’s pressure, too. Honestly, I didn’t think I would get this opportunity to ride for a Worldtour Team and a chance to race in the Tour de France. I will take the challenge ┬áhead-on and race for all the women of Afghanistan. My country today is dangerous for many of the women living there. Women are not free to live and thrive as they wish, but if they see me riding in the Tour de France with the Afghan colors they will see that everything is possible.”

Congratulations to Fariba and her sister Yulduz who have escaped the clutches of the Taliban in Afghanistan to begin a new life in Italy and compete on the world stage with the Women’s World Team Israel. Sylvan Adams notes, “We are making history here as these two brave women become the first from their country to reach this level of the sport. It is part of our commitment to helping cyclists from all over the world-from developing nations to war zones. Congratulations Farida and Yulduz on your victories and beginning your new lives.

(Source: The Times of Israel)