New Treatment Developed for Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is known as one of the hardest cancers to treat. Thankfully, a new treatment developed in Israel by Tel Aviv University could change the outcome for those suffering with Pancreatic cancer. Dr. Cohen-Armon and her team found that the molecule PJ34 can eradicate the number of cancerous cells by up to 90%, while leaving the healthy cells intact. 

In Judaism there is a Hebrew phrase, “Tikkun Olam”, which means to “Repair the World”. Israelis take this phrase very seriously, and Dr. Cohen-Armon and her team are living out that phrase. Thank God for her amazing work! But ultimately, Tikkun Olam, to repair our world, can only come through Jesus the Messiah, who will one day speak and make everything right! Maranatha!

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