October 15, 2018

Israel Has Exclusive Rights To Jerusalem, Judea And Samaria, Government Publication Asserts

A new government publication states, for the first time, that Israel has an exclusive right to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

The book, titled “Israel’s Right as of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria” is a compilation of materials and lectures first presented at a Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage Ministry symposium last year, which was attended by some of the world’s leading jurists and diplomats.

The symposium led by Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage Minister Ze’ev Elkin, was held as part of the ministry’s international program to bolster Jerusalem’s status as Israel’s capital.

There were seven hundred copies of the book printed to be distributed in Israel’s missions worldwide and to give to top foreign diplomats, jurists and leaders of public opinion.

The ministry said this was the first time a book dealing with the issue of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria has been published.

“For years we have had to tolerate the false message that Israel’s very presence in reunified Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria are a violation of international law,” said ministry director general Ran Yishai.

“The world’s top jurists have refuted this notion, but they have been all but silenced by a pro-Arab campaign using false legal arguments to justify international bodies and countries’ anti-Israeli policy,” he said.

“Now, the State of Israel has put together arguments by some of the world’s greatest legal experts, including by some who have personally shaped international law, that prove Israel is in the right even when faced with legal bullying in the international arena.” Yishai concluded.



Samaria Stabbing Attack: 2 Wounded As Terrorist Escapes

Two people were wounded in a stabbing attack in Samaria on Thursday afternoon (11th), the IDF reported.

A terrorist stabbed a 32-year-old reserve soldier in the face and chest at a bus stop near the Samaria Regional Brigade base.  IDF soldiers opened fire on the terrorist who managed to flee in a vehicle.

A second victim, a 26-year-old Israeli woman, was injured by bullet shrapnel as shots were fired at the terrorist.

First-responders of Magen David Adom together with Army medics provided emergency aid to the victims.  Both were evacuated to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikvah.

The reserve soldier is listed in moderate to serious condition,  The woman is said to be lightly injured.

Israeli forces are currently conducting a manhunt.

The attack comes just days after Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel, 29, of Rosh Ha’ayin, and Ziv Hagbi, 35, from Rishon Lezion were shot to death by 23-year-old Ashraf Walid Suleiman Na’alwa.

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IDF Neutralizes Cross-Border Hamas Tunnel In Khan Younis

The IDF neutralized a Hamas terror tunnel on Thursday (11th) that infiltrated 656 feet into Israel from the Khan Younis area in the central Gaza Strip, the IDF Spokesman’s Office said.

This is the 15th tunnel the IDF has destroyed since October 2017, and it is a part of a network of Hamas attack tunnels.  It had electricity and was connected to communication networks.

The IDF said the new tunnel was unique in “its development and construction methods, the use of different materials, and it had several bends and turns and was linked to a network of fighting tunnels.”

The tunnel was located several months ago.  “The decision on the timing of neutralizing the tunnel had to do with operational considerations, as well as the fact that the tunnel connected to a network of fighting tunnels inside the Strip,” said IDF Spokesman Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis.  “We wanted to study and investigate the tunnel to improve our fighting capabilities and learn the threats facing us in the Hamas tunnel-network inside the Strip, before we destroyed it.”

“The tunnel effort continues all the time and is being led by the Gaza Division with technological and engineering capabilities.  Finding this tunnel shows a development in our abilities to locate these tunnels,” Manelis added.

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman tweeted on Thursday (11th) that, “We don’t stop for a minute, under and above ground.  The terror tunnel we destroyed today is another tunnel that Hamas will not have for the next campaign. Everyday we move closer towards eradicating the tunnel weapon.”



BDS Has Zero Impact On Israeli Businesses – Adam Reuter

→A study of the effect of BDS on the Israeli economy by our company, Financial Immunities, revealed a wide gap between journalists’ reports about the effect of the anti-Israel boycott campaign and its actual effects, which were negligible.

→Using a false digital identity, I asked the BDS organization what I should do to boycott Israel.  They sent me a link to a page with hundreds of names of international companies having connections with Israel.  Boycotting them would have prevented me from buying things ranging from basic items at the supermarket to any kind of mobile telephone, a refrigerator, or a car.

→I asked managers of Israeli companies, “Can you quantify in money how much your company lost as a result of the economic boycott created by BDS?”  The proportion of Israeli companies able to state that they had been damaged by the sanctions was around 0.75%. The rate of damage of each of them was less than 10% of their turnover.

→According to our calculations, the cumulative  proportion of economic damage to Israel from BDS since 2010 was 0.004% – meaning if the Israeli economy’s yearly income was 1 million shekels the damage from the sanctions would have been 40 shekels.

→Paradoxically, there were also Israeli companies that benefited from the boycott.  One company said that after BDS activists stood in front of its store in London and called for boycotting its products, the number of buyers jumped by four times the usual number as many came to demonstrate their sympathy for Israel.

The writer is chairperson of Financial Immunities.



Microscopic Worms: Israel’s Organic Answer To Saving Its Date Industry

Israeli researchers at the Volcan Agricultural Institute have made a discovery that will protect the date industry in Israel and around the world from its most serious adversary, according to a Ynet report.

The red palm weevil, originally from South Asia, attained “major pest status” in the Middle East over 30 years ago.  They kill the palm trees by burrowing inside the stem, laying up to 300 eggs each, and them the hatchlings do the rest, eating through the internal parts of the tree.

Until now, the only way to save the trees was early detection and treatment with chemical insecticides.  Now, the researchers say, there will be a more efficient and environmentally safer way to do so, by using microscopic worms called nematodes.

“The nematodes are worms that are naturally found in the soil and are able to detect their prey,” explained Dana Ment, an insect pathologist at the Volcan Institute.  “When they find it, they enter the body and secrete bacteria into the blood which begins to multiply, produces toxins and kills the insect. The nematodes do it to the palm weevil as well.”

The discovery should help Israel’s date industry gain prominence in the organic produce niche, as the worms are a biological pest control instead of a chemical one.  In general, Israel is already the world’s biggest exporter of medjool dates, according to the Israel Plants Production and Marketing Board, an industry valued in the tens of millions of shekels.

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