Orbach Departs Bennett’s Coalition Government

Reports from Israel have emerged that Israeli Minister of Knesset Nir Orbach has opted to stall his cooperation with the coalition government until further notice. Orbach’s departure will be the demise of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s governing coalition, which would mean Israel’s coalition government would find itself in the minority in the Knesset.

It’s been one year since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was ousted by Naftali Bennett and the coalition government that was made up of various parties across the political spectrum in Israel. Many Israelis were thankful to see a new government formed last year, but it looks like everything’s falling apart for Bennett and his hodgepodge government. Orbach becomes the second Yamina member to defect from Bennett’s party in the last three months. You know what all this could be leading to? Another round of elections.

(source: timesofisrael.com)

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