Over the Weekend

Here’s some noteworthy news happenings in Israel from the weekend:


The nearly two thousand year old aqueduct, built in the days of Herod, had a major collapse early Friday morning. The section of the aqueduct that collapsed was from the time of Emperor Hadrian, about 1,900 years ago.

The Israel Antiquities Authority blistered “the bodies responsible for the beach for ignoring repeated warnings and appeals to care for the structure.” IAA Director-General Eli Edkosido said, “We have been sounding the alarm, we said there was a real danger of collapse, we even offered to cover some of the cost of the works, as we understood that this was a disaster waiting to happen.”

(Source: The Times of Israel)


Prime Minister Netanyahu ceremoniously opened the line Thursday at Petah Tikvah, “This is a festive day in Israel. This line will serve everyone-those who support us and those who oppose us”

The first passengers got on the rail at 5:40AM and by day’s end over 100,000 passengers had ridden the new rail.

The first rider, Koti Elazar, 70, said “I arrived specially from North Tel Baruch, to inaugurate the line. I planned this all a week in advance.”

Riders the first day traveled free. But beginning Saturday evening the fare will cost 4 Israeli shekels ($1.30US).

A combination of ancient and modern structures, with a look to the future.  So in two stories there’s a Past, Present, and Future look at Israel.

(Source: The Times of Israel)