Paraguay Will Move Embassy to Jerusalem

Israel’s Foreign Ministry announced that Paraguay will relocate its embassy to Jerusalem by the end of 2023, and Israel will reopen its own embassy in the South American nation. Paraguay will join the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, and Kosovo as one of five countries with its embassy in Jerusalem. 

Paraguay had moved its embassy to Jerusalem after the United States did so in 2018 but reversed course months later, relocating the embassy to Tel Aviv and damaging bilateral relations with Israel. Now, the move back to Jerusalem comes only hours after Paraguayan President Santiago Peña’s inauguration, fulfilling one of his campaign promises and strengthening South America’s growing relationship with the Jewish state. 

A Jerusalem-based embassy represents growing, healthy relationships between such nations and Israel. Paraguay has historically enjoyed a strong friendship with Jerusalem, beginning in 1947 when it voted for the creation of the Jewish state at the United Nations. Israel welcomes this development with open arms as it continues to grow closer to its Latin American friends.