Peace With the UAE

With the announcement by President Trump of the negotiated peace agreement between Israel and The United Arab Emirates a new chapter in Israeli-Arab relations has begun. Relations between the two countries had been warming in several areas. As Prime Minister Netanyahu said on Emirati Television he believes other Arab countries will follow suit and also sign deals with Israel. Some already have made statements to their desire to make a similar agreement with Israel, including Morocco.

The Azerbaijani ambassador, Elin Suleymanov said that the Emirates will profit in four ways from this agreement with Israel:

First, in Technology and Innovation. One example, over the past few years Azerbaijan has profited from Israeli arms support, as they have purchased over $4 billion in Israeli armaments.

Second, it will result in Goodwill in Washington. He said that their warming relations with Israel has increased its influence on Capitol Hill.

Third, it will lead to increased access to Muslim holy sites.

Fourth, person to person connection.

Suleymanov notes, “The foundation of our relationship is the people. The Jewish communities of America, Azerbaijan, and Israel, the Muslims of Azerbaijan and Israel, the Azerbaijani and Israeli people. It’s become such a normal thing- that’s the best part of it.”

Not all reactions to the agreement have been positive and encouraging. Kuwait has criticized the UAE, and they have declared their allegiance and support to the Palestinians.

This move should be welcomed, as moves toward peace are far better than moves toward war.

(Source: Times of Israel)