Pelosi “Concerned” Over West Bank Annexation

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi remarked that she is “concerned” about a possible Israeli move to annex parts of the West Bank. She said, “It undermines our national security, interests, and decades of bipartisan policy.” She added, “We always want it to be bipartisan.” Pelosi said, “Democrats still take pride in President Obama’s security assistance for Israel and that Trump’s peace plan has nothing in common with the words peace or plan.”

Nancy Pelosi is right when she says Israel’s unilateral move to annex sections of the West Bank will undo decades of U.S. bipartisan policy in Israel. And that’s exactly the problem. The decades of bipartisan policy have produced bupkis, which is a Yiddish word that means “absolutely nothing.” The West Bank land Israel wishes to annex is actually not occupied territory. It’s disputed land, and international law favors Israel’s right to the land and even better, the Bible favors Israel’s right to annex sections of the West Bank.

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