Promising New Israeli Immunotherapy for COVID-19 Patients

As Israel continues its second national lockdown after seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases, a new Israeli immunotherapy, Allocetra, saw positive results when five COVID-19 patients who were in severe to critical condition recovered from the disease within days of receiving their experimental treatment. They all tested negative for the coronavirus when they were released, the company reported.

This is really positive news for Israel since they’re currently in their second lockdown. This isn’t just good news for Israel, but good news for the whole world.

Many scientists believe that the deaths from COVID-19 come from an over response of a patient’s immune system. Allocetra suppresses the body’s hyper immune response. It’s currently in phase two of clinical trials for coronavirus patients, so let’s keep praying that this new Israeli therapeutic has a positive result for Israel and for the world.

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