R.I.P. — 2,000 Years Later

Israel has a culture of life. This story illustrates that fact. Just before Passover hikers discovered the looting and destruction of a burial site near Jericho. The burial site, near a Hasmonean Palace,
dated from the Second Temple era was found to have been looted and destroyed by Arabs.

At the site human remains of bones, skulls, and missing sarcophagi (caskets) told the story of the looting. On Tuesday, hundreds of Israelis from local communities and other dignitaries attended the funeral-2,000 years in the making.

The remains have been placed in an area in Kfar Adumim cemetery as their final resting place. Moshe Gutman of ‘Preserving the Eternal,’ commented, “We applaud the cooperation of the Civil Administration and the Ministry of Religious Affairs, but remind the Israeli government of its responsibility for preserving the historical record of the Jewish people and the land of Israel, and for the protection of the treasures of our national heritage.”

Another example of the commitment of Israel to the value of life.

(Source: Breaking Israel Video)