Ramadan Brings Terrorism, Death to Israel

Israel has suffered its worst string of violence since last May’s Operation Guardian of the Walls in the past two weeks. Muslims observing the month of Ramadan have perpetrated several deadly attacks. Four Israelis were murdered by a knife-wielding Arab man two weeks ago in Beersheva, two were murdered by Islamist terrorists in Hadera last week, and five were killed by a Palestinian terrorist in Bnei Brak a day later. Last night Jerusalem’s police arrested six Muslim rioters, who threw rocks and bottles and launched fireworks at police officers, at the Damascus Gate, worldisraelnews.com reported. Such riots have been common since Ramadan began last Saturday.

These 11 deaths and this spate of violence in Israel have terrorized Israel, yet things could have been even worse. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said that 15 other terrorist attacks have been foiled in recent days. More than 200 suspects have been arrested in dozens of proactive raids in recent days, according to The Times of Israel. Israel expects the attacks to continue as Ramadan continues and soon overlaps with Passover and the first anniversary of Operation Guardian of the Walls approaches.

“In the near future we are in a situation I call ‘vigilant routine,’” Bennett said, asking citizens to “return to routine,” while security forces must remain on high alert. “I urge everyone to keep going to work as usual, send the kids to school, go out and travel around the country.”

The death toll is tragically high in these recent terrorist attacks, yet the attacks themselves are not uncommon during Ramadan. Israelis face great danger from Muslims who use this month to act on their hatred of Jewish people and the Jewish state. Hopefully these terrible killing sprees will at least open the eyes of other countries to the plight of the Jewish people who face death during the month of Ramadan each year simply because they are Jewish.