Reaction to Overhaul

On July 24 the Knesset passed ‘the reasonableness’ bill, the first part of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s overhaul of the judiciary. The reactions have extended from intra-national demonstrations opposing the action to international and economic reactions.

Within Israel opponents attempted to close roads showing their disagreement with the action, to some demonstrators involved in violent clashes with the police. However, not all demonstrations have expressed opposition to the bill’s passing. On Sunday a demonstration supporting judicial reforms turned into ‘a mega rally’, drawing nearly half a million participants.

Internationally, reactions came from President Biden expressing his view “that Netanyahu should not rush a divisive vote, as he’s very concerned about the legislation and its potential implications.” Israel’s detractor in Iran, Ayatollah Khameini said the legislation and the response weakens Israel’s position in the region.

Economically, Morgan Stanley declares its view “moving Israel to a dislike stance” regarding Israel’s sovereign credit. From another economic source, “Citibank cautions investors over Israel, says situation ‘much more tricky and dangerous.’ Interestingly, during this time Israeli cybersecurity company Imperva was bought by French aerospace and defense electronics group Thales for $3.6 billion. (So much for Israel being tricky and dangerous!)

It’s amazing how the affairs of a small country can engender such intense and critical response as Israel’s passing of the Reasonableness Bill has generated.

The various reactions show both Israel’s stature and influence in the world.

(Source: The Times of Israel)