Rescue and Recovery

Ukrainian police officer Roman Bashenko had a life threatening experience that led him to Israel from Bakhmut, where he was stationed with the military. The site of heavy attacks by Russia many of its 70,000 residents have fled. President Zelenskyy said, “The city has experienced “the hottest and most painful [attacks]. Everyone there deserves the highest gratitude.”

Early on July 27 a rocket tore through the building Bashenko was stationed in, sending him down six meters (20 feet) into the basement. He said “the last thing he remembers is standing in the room, then everything went dark.”

Search and rescue crews thought he had been killed, “blown to pieces.” Actually, they listed him as of those killed.

The rescue crews took 13 hours to find him, aided Miraculously by his wife who usually called him in the morning. With rubble prohibiting him from moving, he heard his phone going off. It was his wife calling, and he “began digging for the phone with his fingers.” When he answered she immediately called rescuers and they pulled him out, alive but seriously injured with a paralyzing spinal injury. He and his wife, Katya, have used their life savings, and received assistance from other family, friends, and well wishers to seek treatment in Israel.

Currently at Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv, the costs for his treatment far surpass their savings and salary, as Roman notes that he receives $300-$400 per month, but the expenses are $30,000 per month.

Doctors indicate that his current paralysis appears permanent. But he stays optimistic, “Whether I can walk again or not depends on what happens here in Israel. We are not giving up yet.”

Please keep Roman and his wife in prayer, both for their financial needs and for his care and treatment.

(Source: Inna Lazareva; Times of Israel)