Rising Hate

The headlines and news reports announce the rise of antisemitism in both the U.S. and around the world. Nationally, antisemitic incidents and fears have increased in the United States about 400% since the beginning of the war. Other countries like Australia, UK, and Germany, have seen increased antisemitic activity. In France “according to the French Foreign Minister between October 7 and November 5 there were over one thousand antisemitic incidents recorded in France-home to Europe’s largest Jewish population.” China has “done little” to address online antisemitic posts. “Posts-including those that perpetuate tropes of Jewish control of U.S. politics, media, and economics have been widely shared on state-backed online platforms in China in an attempt to denigrate not only the state of Israel but also the United States.” Increasing anti-Muslim has increased in China as well.

The National Security Council urges Jewish and Israeli citizens “to reconsider all nonessential travel upgrading threat warnings in the UK, Germany, France, Australia among other countries.”

Using the Hamas War as a cover, antisemitic acts increase globally. It seems that it has become open season on Jews because Israel has determined to defend itself and defeat an enemy who has sworn to destroy it, desiring “that the name of Israel be remembered no more.”

(Various Sources: The Times of Israel, The SouFan Center: IntelBrief)