Sail-in Movies Come to Tel Aviv

Social distancing has put some favorite entertainment sources on an extended hold, but that hasn’t stopped people from using their creativity. With movie theaters remaining closed, the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality has put a new spin on film-watching. Rather than a drive-in theater, the municipality will have a “sail-in” theater on the lake in its HaYarkon Park. From August 22–28, this “Cinema on the Water” will allow city residents to enjoy a movie on the lake, though spectators will be limited, as only about 70 boats can be rented by park visitors, according to A huge screen will be set up on a small island in the middle of the lake for viewers to enjoy while rocking on their boats in the water.

I love when creativity bursts forth in response to roadblocks. Back in March, the lockdown felt like a death sentence to entertainment and business for many people. But it wasn’t. It just forced innovation. It brought out new ways to reach the same goal. 

Think of our churches. When they had to close their doors on Sunday mornings, many churches got a crash course in learning how to use technology to livestream their services. They learned to be versatile in ministering to people without coming into physical contact with them. They got better! Learning new ways to operate effectively while keeping safe during a pandemic was an unexpected blessing that resulted from a tough position.

It sounds like so much fun to watch a movie on a big screen from a boat, doesn’t it? Toronto has used this idea for years already. I’d love to have a sail-in movie night close to my home in New Jersey. I’m happy to see Israel finding ways to enjoy a movie theater experience—in this case,  from the middle of a lake.