Saving a Child’s Life

In 1995 Dr. Ami Cohen formed Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) in Holon, Israel. “ Worldwide in 2020 350,000 children died because they did not have access to appropriate cardiac care.” At SACH, they save a child’s life once a day and many of their patients come from the Palestinian Authority, Gaza, Iraq, Morocco, and African nations like Ghana and Ethiopia.

So when Iman and Kone, a couple from Ivory Coast, learned their three month old daughter had been born with a heart defect and would need treatment in Europe, they were devastated. Kone explains her thoughts, “When I found out my daughter had a heart condition, I fell apart. I burst into tears, asking myself how she could be treated. Thanks to God we went to the hospital where they gave us medicine, but informed us Europe was the only option for her to be treated.”

Save a Child’s Heart stepped in for Iman and Kone’s daughter, Zeinab. They flew mother and daughter to Israel “so she could get the surgery she needed to survive.” There were hurdles and challenges to overcome, including COVID-19, but Kone revealed her faith and trust in God. “We prayed to God to ease the situation and let us fly to Israel. Thanks to God, all went well, and we came to Israel despite the fact that the virus was still present, and here we are.” Here is at Wolfson Medical Center in Holon, Israel. “They are taking very good care of us. They are sheltering us, feeding us, all is going fine. Our story is going well. Zeinab already had her surgery, and by the grace of God it went well. I am so happy, sincerely happy, and grateful because Zeinab has been cured and healed. We are going to be able to go back home happy.”

Another success story for Save a Child’s Heart. Another example of the culture of life that Israel holds in high value and esteem. Finally, a testament to the power of God “who does all things well.” “Baruch Hashem Adonai!” Blessed is the Name of the Lord!

(Source: Israel365 News; Rivkah Adler)