Second Thoughts

According to police, a 37 year old man from the Palestinian town of Anata, turned himself in to police upon having second thoughts of stabbing Israelis in the Old City. Authorities found the knife he had hidden nearby.

Police indicated that there had been several stabbing attempts in Jerusalem’s Old City in recent weeks, including May 27 when a young Palestinian man was detained “for acting suspiciously.” On May 30 an East Jerusalem resident was “found to be carrying a knife after fleeing from officers at the Damascus Gate entrance.” He has been indicted for allegedly planning an attack.”

Local Border Police and Israel’s Police Jerusalem District have been awarded certificates for their courage and carrying out their duty.

Thank God for the security forces who put themselves at risk and danger to keep everyone else safe. Thank God the man had a change of heart not to carry out his attack.

(Source: Emanuel Fabian: The Times of Israel)