Stabbing Attacks Plague Samaria

Violent attacks are continuing to endanger Israelis. But thanks to the strength and quick response of the Israel Defense Forces and ordinary citizens, two attempted murders were thwarted in the past week. On Monday a knife-wielding Palestinian woman broke into the Sde Ephraim farm in Judea and Samaria and tried to stab the farm owner’s wife, reported. Thankfully, the courageous community took quick action to subdue the attacker until IDF soldiers arrived. The same farm was was attacked just a month earlier when a Palestinian man tried to break into the farmhouse. After driving up to the farmhouse door at high speed, he chanted “Allahu Akbar” while trying to bust through the front door before being shot and immobilized by a security guard. “Also on Monday, Israeli forces stopped an attempted stabbing attack in the town of Tubas in northern Judea and Samaria. The assailant was shot and killed, while one of the Israeli soldiers suffered light wounds in the incident,” according to

For most people who live in relative safety, these attacks are shocking. Think how the farm owner’s family must feel after having their lives threatened twice in a month! But this is tragically common in Israel. While the nation is branded a racist occupying power, the exact opposite is true, seen in unprovoked assaults like these. Israelis face threats and danger from Palestinians who have fatefully bought into the Palestinian Authority’s slanderous teachings about Israel. This misinformation causes unnecessary bloodshed. 

When will it end? Whenever the PA stops portraying Israel as a raging enemy. I’m not holding my breath on that changing, but I am praying for peace between Israelis and Palestinians that will leave less blood on the streets and more love in their hearts.