Strengthening Security in the Arab Sector

The Prime Minister’s Office announced Israel will spend $45 million combating crime and increasing security in its Arab sector. That money will be spent to benefit Arab communities in a number of ways, according to

• Building and expanding five new and existing police stations, two fire stations, and multi-purpose buildings for community services

• Establishing a special police unit to fight crime

• Developing an information campaign against violence

• Furthering plans to address domestic violence

• Strengthening Arab society and social-community frameworks to handle crime and violence

• Organizing campaigns to seize illegal weaponry

In light of the sector’s high rates of COVID-19 morbidity and a cheap shot from Saturday Night Live accusing Israel of favoring its Jewish population and neglecting all others, this move is especially noteworthy. This is a substantial amount of money, but more importantly, it’s a timely reminder that Israel’s Arab population is not an afterthought. Hopefully this action can cause the skeptical to realize that Israel is not the apartheid state its detractors like to paint it as. It’s a diverse democracy in the Middle East, a rarity in the region from which its neighbors can learn.