Students Share Love for Israel at D.C. Summit

More than 400 Christian young adults attended the Israel on Campus Coalition National Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C., this week. The summit serves as the largest gathering of Zionist college students in America. 

Attendees shared uplifting testimonies of their experiences. One student said she internalized the fact that “not only on the international level but also on the personal level, the way to solve conflict is by building connections and acting on the other’s interests.” Another student echoed this sentiment, saying the summit “goes to show that students can build coalitions from the ground up and that we are always more successful when we work together.” A third student found it “really empowering” to spend time with fellow Zionists, which he said is something he’s “very much not used to” at his college, Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts.

Seeing Christians come together to share their love for Israel reminds us that there are still young people who are faithfully following the Lord’s command to bless His Chosen People. We pray events like these will continue to stir up a biblical love for the Jewish nation and Jewish people in the lives of young people in America and across the world.