The Beat Goes On!

Not that of music, but the beat of anti-Israel bias from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). In their role of addressing violations of global human rights violations, they focus on one primary nation above all: Israel, describing it as an ‘Apartheid State. As journalist Abu Khaled Toameh noted concerning the upcoming Council’s ‘Open Ended Commission of Inquiry’, chaired by notable anti-Israel former Rights Council chief Navi Pillay, her “past statements and comments on the nature of the investigation itself belie a foregone conclusion and contradict any notions of impartiality.” He uses this example, “We’re focusing on the root cause…part of it lies in apartheid. We will be coming to that. That’s the beauty of this open ended mandate, it gives us the scope.”

He concludes the intention behind this ‘mandate’ as trying to fit Israel as a square peg into a round hole of apartheid. “What is missing is that Israel does not fit the legal definition of apartheid; therefore some are forcibly attempting to recreate the legal definition with an ‘alternative definition’ to fit Israel, to ram a square peg into a round hole. The ‘alternative definition’ is, sadly, just a political maneuver to gather unwarranted international cover for still another attempt to replace Israel.”

The beat goes on!

(Source: Abu Khaled Toameh; Gatestone Institute)