The Fruits of Peace

Prime Minister Netanyahu has received a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, and he has received approval and congratulations from the UAE. “Yes-an Arab country has congratulated Israel’s Prime Minister for his nomination to win the Nobel Peace Prize. In truth, the leadership of the Arab country, the United Arab Emirates, also deserves it.”

Indeed they do, as they initiated formal recognition of Israel along with Bahrain. But, the last time an Arab leader made peace with Israel, the king of Jordan, he did so “with relatively little fanfare.”

Many Arab nations see both economic prosperity and regional security as primary reasons for making peace with Israel. “By strengthening their economies and warming up to the West and Israel, they open their economies to even more growth. More importantly, they strengthen the movement to isolate Iran as the powerful bully in the region everyone is against.”

For decades Israel has extended overtures of peace, and received threats of war. Finally, some Arab nations are responding to their offer.

Congratulations, Prime Minister Netanyahu for your courage and persistence in seeking peace. Your nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. You have earned it!

(Source: Israel Video Network; Phil Schneider)