The Lengthening Shadow of Iran

Iran continues to increase its influence and threat in the Middle East and beyond. Revealing a new source in Israel’s defense, the Strategy and Third-Circle Directorate, IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Aviv Kochavi said, “Iran has become the most dangerous country in the Middle East. It’s made significant progress with its nuclear program, but the nuclear [threat] is no longer the only threat. Iran also possesses conventional weapons. It is located in the third circle but is highly effective in the first and second circle.”

The circles listed refer to locations and vulnerabilities for Israel. The first circle refers to “terror groups along Israel’s borders like Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas. The second circle refers to larger threats like Hezbollah and neighboring militaries. The third circle refers to countries that do not share a border with Israel, like Iran and Yemen.”

The director of this new division, Tal Kalman a veteran pilot with the Israeil Air Force and past director of the IDF’s Strategic Division, will look to “bolster the IDF’s attack capabilities, including technological means for the IAF jets to destroy enemy targets, increase the military’s intelligence superiority and expand its intelligence gathering on the Islamic Republic. Including using satellites as well as bolstering Israel’s cyber defensive and offensive capabilities.”

With its known activity in global terrorism for years Iran remains the greatest threat to both Israel and world stability. The new division will allow Israel to both monitor and respond to potential Iranian threats, whether at her borders in the first circle, through groups and militaries near it in the second circle, or in the third circle, from Iran, Yemen, or other nations that would seek to do it harm. As the psalmist said, “As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds His People from this time forth and forevermore.”  As he seeks to protect Israel, Tal Kalman will indeed have Help from Above in countering the growing Iranian influence.

(Source: The Jerusalem Post)