The Price of Israel’s Stand Against Russia

Israel is in a bit of a bind. It wants to join the many nations condemning Russia’s egregious invasion of Ukraine, but the ripple effect of doing so could cost lives. Russia has a significant military presence in Syria, and if Israel were to speak negatively about Russia’s actions in Ukraine, it would risk Russia’s anger, potentially leading to an attack on its own land and people. But the Jewish state has chosen to follow its moral code at the risk of personal safety. Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid announced Israel’s decision to vote in favor of a United Nations resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, reported. “We have a moral duty and historical obligation to be part of the effort,” Lapid stated.

While it’s not unusual to see nations standing with Ukraine as they suffer at the hands of Russia’s hostile invasion, most countries don’t have much to lose by doing so. That’s where Israel’s decision differs from the rest. Not all of Israel’s leadership was happy to see Lapid’s remarks call out Russia, rather than just expressing support for and offering aid to Ukraine, as other Israeli politicians did. But Lapid’s voice holds power, and condemnation of Russia is a risky but brave choice because of the potential for retaliation through Syria. Israel knows how it feels to have enemies invade its land and attack its people unprovoked. So its defense of Ukraine and defiance of Russia speak a bit louder than the rest of the crowd.