The Strife Continues

Crowds gathered in Israel for the thirty-ninth straight week, protesting the judicial overhaul by the current Netanyahu administration. Protestors recently gathered outside his vacation spot seeking to create tension for him and his family.

The commander of the Israel Air Force (IAF) Major General Tomer Bar has given the hundreds of protesting reservist pilots until October 17 to return to duty “after which they may be considered unfit to continue flying and face dismissal from the military.” The October 17 date May have been selected as Israel is holding a large joint with the United States. “On that date all squadron commanders will be required to present the preparedness levels of their pilots and a decision will be made about those considered unfit. Military officials have expressed concern regarding this move by the pilots and other reservists “that it could seriously impair Israel’s preparedness for war.”

Caroline Glick asserts that there is a link in this tension between the judicial coup and the anti-Jewish agenda. She notes the Left is moving its onslaught to an anti-Jewish agenda as demonstrated at the disruption of services at a Yom Kippur service. You can hear her thoughts at The Pulse of Israel October broadcast with Avi Abelow.

Now we need to pray for Israel to seek God’s direction and solution in this tense and unsettled time.

(Source: The Times of Israel)