The Ultimate DNA Test

The Jerusalem Post called  the Tel Aviv-based company, Variantyx, the one-stop shop for DNA testing. Companies like, 23andMe, and MyHeritage are very popular with the public, but they examine only a small portion of a customer’s DNA. Variantyx, on the other hand, goes far beyond the normal DNA test by evaluating the customer’s DNA against the entire human genome. The Israeli company is providing answers to rare disease patients and healthy individuals alike.

In 2013, the first human genome was unlocked and mapped in its entirety, which took 13 years and around $3 billion to accomplish. So when companies like Ancestry, MyHeritage, 23andMe tackle a few issues in the DNA structure, Variantyx is looking to cover the entire human genome, which I think is incredible. What Variantyx is revealing about the human body reminds me that we have a God who created us in such magnificent detail. Our God is an amazing creator. He created us perfectly, and we are not a random set of codes, but fearfully and wonderfully made.

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