Threats and Tensions

The latest statistics for Israel in its attempt to defeat the Coronavirus are grim. The current statistics show:

Current Cases: 345,661

Active Cases: 13,158

Serious Cases: 342

Deaths: 2,917

Professor Nachman Ash, Israel’s director responsible for fighting the virus said that at the current rate new daily cases could rise to 7,400 in three weeks time, which means “a wave of infections similar in its severity to the country’s second wave between August and October, which led to a month long lockdown and put a significant strain on Israel’s health system.” This is a physical threat Israel faces.

A political threat looms with the possibility of a fourth election in two years. Blue and White party head, Benny Gantz, has “won control Monday of the schedule to dissolve the Knesset, meaning it will decide when and how new elections will be called, as well as when the national vote will be held.” A possible dissolution of the Knesset could occur December 23 if a budget isn’t passed by then. This is a political threat.

Following the assassination of Iran’s nuclear head, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh on November 27, international tensions have risen as Iran has accused Israel for his death. Israelis traveling abroad have received travel warnings “that they may be targets of Iranian terror attacks in the wake of the killing.” Here’s an international tension.

Threats and tensions seems to summarize Israel at the close of 2020. Continue to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Psalm 122:6).