Threats to Peace

In both Hebrew and Arabic the word for peace is very similar; Shalom in Hebrew and Salaam in Arabic. Unfortunately, peace can be disturbed and disrupted, almost in a moment. This happened this past weekend when riots broke out in the Old City, possibly sparked by the convergence of the Muslim feast of Ramadan, the Jewish peace of Passover, and the Christian holiday of Easter.

With this intersection of holidays, an “increased tension” occurred leading to an outbreak of violence on Friday, where “almost 500 rioters were arrested and 150 visitors were injured in violence in and around the Temple Mount, after Palestinians threw rocks and clashed with Israeli police, who entered the mosque to confront them.”

On Sunday further attacks occurred as Palestinians threw stones and fireworks at police, while assaulting Orthodox Jews heading to pray at the Western Wall. Twenty detainees had their time extended, as they are suspected to have committed acts of rioting, assault, and hurling rocks toward Israeli citizens and security forces.”

The police stated they “will continue to act firmly against lawbreakers and rioters,” adding that “investigators were working to track down additional suspects.”

(Source: The Times of Israel)