To Protect and Defend

Three military actions show the necessity for continual vigilance by the Israeli Defense Forces to safeguard all Israeli citizens.

In the first action Iron Dome eliminated a drone released by Hamas from the Gaza Strip. “The Iron Dome missile defense system “shot down a Hamas drone that was flown out to sea from the Gaza Strip on Monday, the Israel Defense Forces said. “According to the IDF, the device was monitored throughout the entire incident by the air forces ground control.”

The second defense action came in Africa as Mossad “foiled attempted terror attacks in Africa.” The Tehran Quds Force has unsuccessfully plotted to target businessmen in Senegal and Ghana.”

The third action found security forces entering the PA capital city of Ramallah in an unusual daytime. “An army spokesperson says that the troops were conducting an operation in nearby Beitunia before heading back to their base.” Due to the sensitive nature of the operation no details could be given.

The continual vigilance of the Israeli security forces has an Eternal aid in the God of Israel, “for He who keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps” (Psalm 121:2).

(Source: The Times of Israel)