To Protect and Defend

Early in November the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) initiated Operation Northern Shield “to expose and neutralize” terror tunnels Hezbollah built along the northern border in 2006. So far they have destroyed five tunnels, flooding them with water or Bentonite, some have also been exploded by the military.

IDF Spokesperson Ronen Manelis revealed that they discovered in the village of Kila, a mere two kilometers from the Israeli town of Metula, that “several openings appeared to have been dug from within residential homes. We’ve warned the residents on the Lebanese side of the border that they endanger their lives by allowing them to be dug from their homes.”

The military uses various methods to neutralize the threat these tunnels pose. “The methods we use depend on their size, shape and surroundings. It is 100% on us, not on UNIFIL or the Lebanese army.”

The Israel Defense Forces daily seek to keep all of the residents of Israel safe, protecting and defending the nation from harm, and Operation Northern Shield is one example of that. Please uphold them in prayer.

(Source: YNet News)