Trump Administration Makes History with Abraham Accords

The Trump administration has brokered a historic peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates called the Abraham Accords. The new relationship between the Jewish and Gulf States will open ties for energy, tourism, direct flights, investment, security, communication, and technology, along with full ambassadorial ties. The last peace agreement was 26 years ago between Israel and Jordan.

The thought that an Israeli could board a direct flight to vacation in Abu Dhabi or do business in Dubai is astonishing. There are two people who made this deal possible. First, the Palestinians, who continually refuse to make peace with Israelis. The Arab world was getting tired of waiting. Second, President Trump, a different kind of negotiator. He offers less pie in the sky peace provisions and more hard realities the Palestinians would have to deal with, which brought the UAE to the negotiating table. Continue to pray for the peace of the Jerusalem.

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