Trump Signs into Law the Never Again Education Act

President Donald Trump signed into law, legislation that will allocate $10 million in federal funding to further Holocaust education. The bipartisan bill called the Never Again Education Act directs funds toward expanding the US Holocaust Memorial museum’s education program, which supports online curriculum materials and workshops in Holocaust education and awareness throughout the United States.

Day by day, we are losing our precious Holocaust survivors. Their eyewitness testimony to Hitler’s horrific “final solution” for the Jewish people is a powerful message in Holocaust education today. One Holocaust survivor recounts that her mother’s last words to her in the concentration camp were, “you must fight, you must survive, and you must tell everyone what they did to us.” Sadly, those voices are dying and that’s why Holocaust awareness and education must continue, because, waiting in the wings are those who wish to deny the atrocities of the Holocaust, those who wish to rewrite history. We must be ready to defend our Jewish friends and educate our kids about the innocent lives that were lost in the Holocaust.

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