Ukrainians Find Refuge in Israel

For weeks we’ve been following not only the Russian invasion of Ukraine but also the fate of Ukraine’s refugees. The nation’s Jewish population stood at 400,000 a few weeks ago, but many are fleeing for safer lands. As the homeland for all Jewish people, Israel is ready to do its part to welcome Ukrainian Jews with open arms. But first, it plans to provide shelter for about 25,000 Ukrainians, whether Jewish or not, who are not eligible for immigration. Israeli Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked said Israel will host these refugees until it’s safe to return to their country. With 20,000 of these Ukrainians already in the country, the plan would grant protection from deportation with a three-month visa, allowing them to stay and work in Israel, reported. 

In addition, Israel plans to absorb as many as 100,000 Jewish Ukrainians eligible to immigrate under the Law of Return in the next few weeks and months. Israel’s statement said, “Ukrainians fleeing the war, both those who have a Jewish background and their family, will be able to come to Israel and receive full citizenship.” 

Israel’s humanitarian tendencies are on full display in these difficult days. The nation is keeping its commitment to provide a home for Jewish people while also opening itself more broadly to any Ukrainians in need who trust the Jewish nation to shelter them. There is a multitude of logistics to work out to take in such a huge number of refugees, but Israel’s eagerness to take on the assignment speaks to its focus on helping those in need.