UN Condemns Israel More Than All Other Countries Combined

Israel has long faced disproportionate criticism from the United Nations, and the data from 2022 bears this truth out. The United Nations General Assembly passed 15 anti-Israel resolutions last year—more than all other countries combined, which tallied 13 total critical UN resolutions, according to UN Watch. 

Last year’s resolutions pushed the number of anti-Israel UN resolutions to 140 since 2015, while that number stands at 68 for the rest of the world’s countries. Criticism of Israel is usually directed at its treatment of Palestinians and relationships with other Middle Eastern countries, many of which oppose the Jewish state or seek its destruction.

In 2022 Russia was condemned in only six resolutions for its invasion of Ukraine. Six! Israel faced more than twice that many opposing resolutions. Even when faced with these facts, the UN has never shown any intention of rectifying its anti-Israel bias. It’s difficult for people to accept that Israel is not an international villain when the world-unifying organization constantly makes the Jewish state appear that way. That’s why our defense and continued support of Israel is so important.