“We Are At The Wall”- 52 Years Later

The words by the Israeli paratroopers on June 6 resonated through the Israeli forces, “We are at the Wall!” Having wrested control of the Temple Mount from Jordanian forces, and for the first time since AD-70, the Jewish people had possession of the Temple Mount! In the words of the psalmist, “We were as those who dreamed!” On that monumental day General Moshe Dayan invited Rabbi Goren into his jeep to go to the Wall. He replied, “For two thousand years we have been separated from this place. I am not going to the Wall in a jeep, I am going to walk and savor every step of the way!”

Fifty-two years later, on December 1, the 71st Israeli Paratrooper Battalion held a reunion of that day. “The soldiers reenacted the iconic mission and even hoisted an Israeli flag on the holy site, while posing for a photo op together of that act,” for the first time in 52 years.

An unforgettable achievement by courageous men savoring their victory after 52 years. Somehow, that event and achievement will be remembered by the Jewish people forever.

(Source: Breaking Israel News; David Sidman)