“What a Miracle!”

Two women were surprised to hear both of their same last names called at the gate in Warsaw for a flight to Israel. Both had left Kyiv, Ukraine and escaped to Poland in the face of the Russian invasion. Now on their way to Israel, neither knew the discovery that would change their lives. Here’s how they describe it: “Mariana and Valentina heard their last name Varshavsky being called and struck up a conversation, marveling at the coincidence of having the same surname. They soon realized with a shock they had the same father. Valentina said, “I didn’t even know that I had another sister. The most amazing thing is that amid all this chaos we found one another.”

They were now leaving Warsaw as new-found family, as sisters. With gratitude and joy they said, “We thank the Jewish Agency, and we thank Israel and love Israel even more after our reunion in Warsaw. We got on the plane together, like one big family, and we’ll arrive in Israel. There we’ll introduce our sons to each other. What joy, what a miracle.”

Israel anticipates receiving thousands more refugees from both Ukraine and Russia. Each will have their own stories of escape and departure to safety. For Mariana and Valentina, God used a war to introduce two sisters, turning their chaos into order, and giving beauty for ashes to these two women (Isaiah 61:3). What a miracle, indeed!

(Source: Aish.com)